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Rogan Cemetery

Rogan Cemetery is located on NE 63rd Street about 1/2 mile east of NE Coltrane Road in Oklahoma City. The cemetery is on the south side of the road. There are two cemeteries next to each other. Rogan Cemetery is the one on the west side and has two white square posts, one on each side of the entrance. Pilgrim Rest Cemetery is the one on the east side and has two white square posts, one on each side of and an arch over the entrance. The GPS coordinates of Rogan Cemetery are 353211N and 0972601W.

Rogan Cemetery was established in 1934. A local farmer, Eli Rogan, gave land for a private cemetery. African-American families being intentionally priced out of the white cemeteries were left with no place to bury their dead. Mr. Rogan dug and filled the graves himself during the years he cared for the cemetery. His daughter lived to be 105. Now that she is gone; upkeep has been sporadic.

The Rogan Cemetery was transcribed in 2011 by members of the OHCE Genealogy Group, Oklahoma County.

Names of those buried at Rogan Cemetery


last update April 2012