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We are a group of Oklahomans who meet monthly to discuss mutual interests in genealogy. The programs are on subjects of interest to aid members in learning to enjoy being more effective in their genealogy research. Occasional field trips are planned.

ADD pictures, driving directions, and the location of cemeteries listed at this link to Fill the Gap. You can improve the quality of the Oklahoma Cemetery Directory. Cemeteries that have already done has a line through it.

Pictures of cemeteries we already have

Flip Pal Mobile Scanner
A great aid to your genealogy research.

The next scheduled meeting of the Oklahoma County OHCE Genealogy Group is April 15 2015 at 10:15 in the Leroy H. Fisher Board Room on the third floor of the Oklahoma History Center.
It is at 24th and N. Laird Ave. (800 Nazih Zuhdi Dr.) across from the State Capitol in Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma Cemeteries
Oklahoma has more than 4,500 cemeteries. Search the Aphabetical List of Oklahoma Cemeteries, with legal description and the county where each is located. You can also Search Oklahoma Cemeteries -- By County. These two lists make up the Master List of the Oklahoma Cemetery Directory.

Oklahoma Cemetery Directory
We have the Oklahoma Cemetery Directory which has more than 4,500 cemeteries listed. Many people from the 77 counties of Oklahoma have contributed to this Directory. Each county has cemetery pictures, driving directions, cemetery histories, when known, legal descriptions, and a 7" x 10" county map. We have 4CDs; each one has two regions of the state. The Master List has all known Oklahoma cemeteries in alphabetical order and by county. It is included on each CD and DVD. Our DVD has EVERYTHING that is on the 4 CDs. We also have 8 regional books. The eight Regions are Central, North, Northeast, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, and Northwest.

Charts & More
Family tree, birthday, and growth charts, and pH pens.

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